Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mudd Mudd Mudd

Em in the Sun

Em in the Sun
Shirt: Forever21 Shorts: Unknown Shoes: Earrings: Handmade

Korean Tofu Stir Fry, Rice and Lentil Dal, Edamame, Green Beans, (NOTE: The rice and lentils was BAD!)
               It was Harvey Mudd for dinner tonight. We go there a lot since it is closer to our dorm than the Scripps dining hall.  It was quite good! The tofu was very tasty, but the rice not so much! There also happens to be an intense game of Zombies vs. Humans all over the 5 C's campus.  Students clad in yellow bandanas with nerf guns were sprinting out of the dining hall in an attempt to escape the zombies waiting to catch them outside. It is quite an entertaining game to watch to say the least.  I also posted a picture of my beautiful roommate and photographer Mieke (Mee-kah). Such a cutie pie :) 

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