Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thai Tea

           Thai tea is another one of those food envies I had growing up. Whenever I would go to Thai food with people, they would rave about how good Thai tea is, and I would watch with jealousy as they slurped up the vibrant orange drink. However, after moving up to Seattle, I found this bubble tea place that used non-dairy creamer in their thai tea drinks, and therefore I could have their Thai tea! Let's just say I went a little tea crazy. So instead of continually buying their drinks, I thought I would make it at home. After buying one brand from the market that wasn't the exact taste I wanted, I turned to Amazon. Thank you Amazon, you are awesome. I found a brand online that had pretty good reviews about the flavor, so I went out on a limb and bought it. It was a success! I have been enjoying delicious Thai tea for days now.

Thai tea (any brand you choose!)
Non-dairy creamer (or if you like dairy, than any kind of milk,  condensed milk is traditional, but be careful it is rich and heavy!)
Sugar (as much or as little pleases your palette)

1.) Boil the tea in a large pot over the stove on high. I did about a cup or so of tea per big pot of water so I could save some in the fridge for the week.
2.) Boil tea for about half an hour to an hour, keeping the lid on it and adjusting the temperature so the tea doesn't boil over. 
3.) Add suger to your own taste level and stir. I added mine in like 1/8 of a cup increments. 
4.) Pour the tea into a container and store in fridge over night (or until you simply can't take not drinking some yet!).
5.) When serving the tea pour into glass and then add the creamer or milk to the glass until it is a milky dark orange color and is to the creaminess level you like. Enjoy!

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