Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seattle in Review: Restaurant

Em in the Sun Em in the Sun
            Japonessa turned out to be our favorite restaurant we encountered in Seattle. The catch is that you really have to go at happy hour because they have incredible deals on their rolls. The restaurant is a fusion of sushi and hispanic flavors, but it is very subtle. It is shocking how deliciously the flavors all go together. Some of the rolls have things like a jalapeño and lime sauce or a mango puree. Trust me, it all works perfectly together. The starter we get every time is their house kalamari. It comes out like a salad with crunchy squid covered in a spicy aioli and sweet orange chili sauce. Every single time we go there we order it because it's so good! Their happy hour speciality rolls are also incredible. They are big rolls with unique flavors that are also light on your budget at the end of the night thanks to happy hour prices. If you are in the Seattle area I highly suggest checking it out!

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