Monday, April 1, 2013


           The week after spring break I got to enjoy pretty much another spring break. L came to visit and we jam packed as much fun into one week as we could. He had never been to Disneyland so we of course had to spend a day there. It was quite fun and exhausting, and as you can see, I make the most beautiful faces on roller coaster rides. 
         We also spent a day hiking and it was so beautiful! I'm still not used to the California terrain, I keep waiting for the evergreen trees and endless green but instead it's scrub, blue skies, and red dirt. A day at the beach was also a must in Southern California, although it didn't turn out as nice as we had hoped. We still got to see some dolphins though! 
         There was so much good food too, but not as many photos taken unfortunately. We had quite the mix, fancy tapas from a Spanish restaurant and the historic and delicious In-N-Out burger. 
          I wish the week hadn't flown by so quickly. Now it's back to reality and a month and a half left of school... Basically I have test after to test to look forward, but then it is summer time! I'm ready to back in Seattle. 

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