Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pink Lady

{Pants: J. Crew Shirt: Free People (Nordstrom Rack) Shoes: Blowfish (old) Earrings: Forever21}

         It's summer time and I am finally back in Seattle. My posts have been few and far between simply due to my hectic schedule and lack of inspiration. I have been living out of my backpack for the past couple of weeks, so I found it pretty hard to come up with anything I felt was worth sharing. I am officially settled (sort of) and getting into the groove of things. 
        I got these pants at the J. Crew outlet store back in California and fell in love with the color. I am normally not a pink girl, or at least not a bright pink girl. I am attracted to the mauvey and faded pinks, but somehow these pants just pulled me in and here they sit in my closet. It was raining this morning on my way to work so I wore my pink and grape colored rain jacket and I got quite a few stares. One lady at the bus station even suppressed a laugh. I must have looked like a walking bottle of Pepto Bismol and immediately took the jacket off when I got to work. I am really digging the colored pants and want to figure out more styles to wear these pink ones with.
        I dyed my hair about a month and a half ago but have yet to officially share it on the blog. I was terrified to do it because I had never messed around with dye at all. I prided myself on my virgin hair. However, I began to get the itch to try something new and what do you know, I managed to choose possibly the most overdone hair dye job right now. I really like it though, even if it is unoriginal and trendy. The door to hair experimentation has been opened a bit. A crack I would say. I could see myself maybe getting a light perm someday, but am still way to scared to get a pixie cut (but am secretly jealous of all the girls who are brave enough to do it). More summer outfits and adventures to share soon!

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