Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Candlelight Dinner!

Em in the Sun

Em in the Sun

Shirt: Forever21 Skirt: H&M Belt: Modcloth Shoes: Forever21 Earrings: Forever21 Watch: Skagen 

               Tonight was the ever traditional candlelight dinner at Scripps! One of the many benefits of going to an all women's college are the wonderful and cute traditions! Not to mention, we have a beautiful campus, great food, and nice dorms and facilities! All the Scripps ladies who RSVP'd for tonight's dinner got dressed into nice attire and ate a fancy dinner above the dining hall in the fabulous hosting room. We all got little goody bags with fun treats like rulers, sticky notes, book marks, and a reminder for the next Halloween candlelight dinner! I am quite full and satisfied. Now back to studying and homework.

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