Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everyday College

Shirt: Old Navy Shorts: JCrew Shoes: The Gap Bracelet: Marshall's

Em in the Sun

Em in the Sun

             College life sometimes means wearing something fast and simple, and other times means wearing yoga pants and no makeup. Today was a fast and simple day. My roommate Mieke snapped these pics for me just before I had to rush off to my Spanish class.  (Mieke btw is my photographer for almost all of my posts and she just rocks!) I am a huge fan of stripes. My backpack is actually striped also, so I was an odd mismatch of stripes all day today.  I love the nautical color and pattern scheme of this outfit without it being to over the top! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! I have four hours of chem lab tonight, so I am especially looking forward to the weekend! 

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