Thursday, August 23, 2012

(Oh) The Space Needle

{My Salad}
{L's Meal}
             We did the most touristy thing we possibly could in Seattle, well besides the duck tours. We went to the space needle. Not just to see the view, but also for dinner. I am gonna be completely honest and say right now, eating at the space needle is NOT worth it (unless you are unbelievably rich and need to blow some cash on a mediocre meal). The entrees are around 50 bucks a pop and the elevator cost 19 dollars to ride up to the restaurant. I consider myself kind of a foodie and I'm just gonna be honest, the food did not blow me away. It's overpriced and overhyped. I'm sorry if I am being too blunt about everything, but I simply was unimpressed. The view however was incredible. That part was very worth it! When L and I went up to the viewing deck and saw they sold hot dogs up there (still overpriced mind you) we were like why didn't we just eat up here? The whole thing was quite the experience. I am glad we went, even though the food was a disappointment. 

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  1. The pictures you took of the food looked so appetizing, I was rather surprised to read that it wasn't so good. It's true that touristy things are such scams; I've lived in Paris, where everything is a money-pit for unaware visitors. It was a shame to see Americans blow a fortune at mediocre places whereas there were other places where you could have a blast without overspending. The tourist industry needs a few changes.