Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seattle in Review: Dessert

Em in the Sun Em in the Sun
         Just in case you didn't notice the many brand icons I just posted in all of my pictures, this review is about Molly Moon's ice cream. It is my favorite ice cream place (if you couldn't tell by the shirt I own). They have really good homemade ice cream. My favorite part though is their vegan ice cream. Having been allergic to dairy since I was four, I am constantly on the look out for good non-dairy ice cream. I do like sorbets, but they just don't have the creaminess factor I often crave. Molly Moon's has this stellar flavor of vegan ice cream called coconut chunk. The name gives a hint to the amazing vanilla, coconut ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chunks you will be enjoying if you get it, and trust me you want to get this ice cream! My personal favorite add on (thanks to my friend Rosie) is hot fudge. It creates a chocolatey warm and cold ice cream puddle in your cup that you simply want to gobble up. If you visit Seattle, you must try Molly Moon's ice cream, just follow the scent of homemade waffle cones and the endless line of customers out the door.

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