Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Hey Taylor!

         Yeah so sorry my iPhone doesn't take the best quality pictures, but it was the only camera we were allowed to bring into the concert. I tried to bring my big honkin' one, but they wouldn't let me in. Anyway, I had the really cool opportunity of going to a Taylor Swift concert hosted on campus! One of the colleges in my consortium won this voting competition and the prize was to have Taylor Swift come! The concert was filmed for the tv series Storytellers on VH1! I had a ton of fun. I'm not gonna lie and say I am Taylor Swift's biggest fan. I know some of her major songs but I wouldn't say I listen to her songs on a regular basis. It was such a great opportunity though and I definitely enjoyed myself. I would say I'm more of a fan now than I was before and I really respect that she writes her own stuff and isn't afraid to sing and play them, not matter how cheesy they are. I think a lot of American girls, whether they admit it or not, can some how relate to the songs she sings. 

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