Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Em in the Sun Em in the Sun

          I have not left my house at all today. I woke up, had some eggnog scones for breakfast, did some cleaning, played cards with my grandma, went for a run, and now I am finally dressed for the day at 5:00 in the evening. I'm pretty exciting I know. It's almost dinner time, but maybe, just maybe, I'll do something exciting after dinner. Or maybe I'll just get back into my PJ's and watch a movie with L. Either way, here's a picture of the outfit that only my grandparents and parents saw today, quite the critics let me tell you. 


  1. Cute outfit (: andddd i'm loving the boots. Can't ever go wrong with ankle boots hehe. Eggnog scones? that sounds heavenly *__*

    Happy holidays!


  2. So cute, em! I love chill days too :) ...and I love your boots!

  3. Thank you! Yeah the eggnog scones were delicious. I am enjoying the cold weather with these boots for sure :)