Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gas Works and Golden Gardens

{Oh hey Seattle!}
Em in the Sun
{Jacket: Nordstrom Shoes: Danskos Pants: Urban Outfitters
Em in the Sun
Shirt: H&M Scarf: Nordstrom Bracelet: Nordstrom}
Em in the Sun Em in the Sun
Em in the Sun Em in the Sun
{Beautiful Day at Gas Works Park}
{Dusty Strings Co. in Fremont}
{Golden Gardens}

           We had an awesome day yesterday. I can't believe I had never officially been to Gas Works Park in Seattle. I'm ashamed of myself. Yesterday was cold and brisk but very clear and beautiful and the view form Gas Works was incredible. After exploring around Gas Works we headed to a coffee shop and warmed up with a latte. It was the perfect pick me up, a soy latte, The Stranger, and a some dark chocolate covered pretzels. After coffee we walked over to Fremont and discovered this little string instrument store while waiting for our bus. Dusty String Co. has guitars, banjos, mandolins, harps, ukeleles, and any other string instrument you could think of lining their walls. The store encourages you to take any instrument you like off the wall and try your hand at playing it. L and I couldn't stop wishing we knew how to play a string instrument while we were there. After a little exploring we took a bus over to Golden Garden's Park. It was equally as beautiful as Gas Works. The view of the mountains and the water were so magnificent. Even though I was freezing my butt off, the view was well worth the cold. 

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