Sunday, October 13, 2013

Día de Independencia

            Goodness it has again been forever since I updated.. I am so sorry about my lack of blogging. Once again, it is just hard to fit in the time/find internet. These pictures are from September 14th in Costa Rica. It is the day before Independence Day of all of Central America, which is the 15th. However, on the 14th there are celebrations too. There was a little fair going on at the park near my house that my family and I went too. We also went to my little cousin's school where they had a little celebration. All of the kids make lanterns of all different kinds and then walk in a parade. At the school we also sang a whole bunch of songs. It was really cool to see a Costa Rican school and hear the national anthem sang. This day actually feels like a long time ago. I am now currently in Nicaragua and will be for the next two months. I need to update with more photos again soon! I am doing an internship with a women's rights/health advocacy group called Grupo de Mujeres Sacuanjoche. They are located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Matagalpa is a beautiful little city in the north of Nicaragua. There is lots of coffee and chocolate production around the city, so coffee and chocolate are bountiful here. I love the coffee and bread shops! I can't get enough of the tasty sweet breads dipped in coffee. It is hot most days, and then there will be extreme downpours, very much like Costa Rica. The plus side is that everything is a lot cheaper here. A cup of coffee, for example, is about 20 cordobas. The exchange rate is 25 cordobas per dollar. I got a cup of coffee, a plate of gallo pinto (beans and rice), chicken, and plantanes, all for about 5 bucks. Anyways, I will try to update again soon with more info and photos, and hopefully it won't be three weeks later. 

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