Sunday, October 20, 2013

Managua, Nicaragua

       Here are the beginning of a whole bunch of photos from my program's first visit to Nicaragua in September. The majority of these photos were taken in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua. Managua is an interesting city. It is very cool, but many Nicaraguans from other parts of the country really don't like Managua because it is big and more dangerous than other parts of Nicaragua, at least that is what I have found here in Matagalpa. Our visit to Managua was pretty short. We visited a museum about the revolution and about Sandino. I will talk more about Sandino and the revolution here in Nicaragua later in a different post, but it is a huge part of Nicaraguan history and so much of the street art and culture here references the revolution. Politics is so interesting here too. Goodness. So much to talk about. However, I don't have time to talk about it more right now, so here is a little photo preview of Managua, Sandino, and Nicaragua. 

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