Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crazy Hikes and Indigenous Hieroglyphics

          This photos were taken in Chagüitillo. It is a small town in Nicaragua with a lot of indigenous history. They have a museum celebrating the indigenous culture and telling the history of the indigenous people. They also have a hike around the local river where you can see beautiful indigenous drawings and hieroglyphics are all over the river rocks. It turned out to be a rather crazy hike. At one point we were walking in pure mud mixed with cow poop and some people had to take off their shoes because it was so deep. Another time we had to climb down this steep rock face to get back down to the river. It was a little much for me at the time because I was sick that day (stomach issues with the local bacteria in the food) and had only eaten watermelon for breakfast, so I was kinda a walking zombie, but I still am very glad I went because the hike and hieroglyphics were amazing. We even came a across a part of the river that was pretty deep and was a little swimming hole where the locals came to hang out and play. Some of the students jumped in and enjoyed the water, I wasn't feeling it but it was super fun to watch. I know I am still behind on my posts, but I am close to being caught up so I can show more pictures of Matagalpa and my current situation!

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