Monday, November 11, 2013


           These photos were taken in beautiful León, Nicaragua. León is a beautiful city with lots of history, churches, and beautiful murals. It is also a city of students. It has some of the best universities in Nicaragua, especially for medicine and law. There were quite a few international students there as well when we visited. León is on the coast and although it is beautiful, it is also really hot and muggy, which wasn't always comfortable. I really loved the city when I was there, besides the fact we were at the end of our Nicaraguan week-long adventure and everyone was feeling pretty sick. I went to a little museum about the revolution and one of the guides was a soldier during the revolution and shared some of his stories. It was really amazing to hear everything he had to say and trying to imagine what it would be like. I feel so removed from true war and suffering, which is a blessing, but also says a lot about how America seems to always fight its wars in poorer countries that result in a lot of death and destruction. More pictures coming up soon!

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