Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finca Tica

         So I lied about my next post being my new home in Matagalpa. I just realized that I never posted the photos of my trip with my Tica family to their friend's farm. We woke up super early one Saturday (like 4 in the morning early) and then hit the road and drove to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Their friends farm is right next to the Chiquita banana farms where America gets all their bananas from. We filled up our tiny truck with lots of plantains, yucca, and some baby piglets. I got to cuddle a piglet everyone, it was the highlight of my weekend. In the morning before we got there we stopped and picked up these really yummy ham sandwiches and ate them among the banana plants, it was quite surreal. Aside from the fact that banana farms are generally known for their horrible treatment of the workers and use of dangerous chemicals, I really liked the look of the farm (because that really matters.. :P). It was a day full of experiences to say the least. I also got some fresh, cold coconut water to drink on our way home. It was unbelievably refreshing. Anyways, next post is most definitely about my new Matagalpan home! I promise! 

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