Monday, November 11, 2013

Matagalpa, My New Home

              Here are finally some pictures of my new home! I have been in Matagalpa for close to a month and a half now, living with a Nica family and working at a women's rights and health organization called Grupo de Mujeres Sacuanjoche. I am in love with Matagalpa. It is a wonderful little city in the central valley of Nicaragua. Coffee and chocolate are grown all around the hills of Matagalpa and needless to say both are spectacular here. My family is a typical Nicaraguan family living in Matagalpa. The women who is at the viewpoint with me is my sister, Eveling. She is wonderful and sweet. I feel very close to my family and I am sad that my time here is only for two months. The time has flown by!! Jeez!!! The viewpoint photos of the whole city are from this vista high up in one of the hills of Matagalpa. The view is even more beautiful in person. Finally I am close to being caught up on my photos! Next post is pictures of my home! 

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